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The manufacturing facilities for Inweld Canada are the newest and most modern of its kind in the world. Inweld Canada has over 100 different high-quality maintenance and repair specialty alloys, produced with the most modern equipment and manufacturing techniques. Welders in all types of industry throughout the world trust Habco Welding Alloys because of their first hand knowledge of our intensive quality control together with our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Technical Assistance and Training

Inweld Canada has the most comprehensive technical assistance program in the industry. Whenever a customer has a maintenance and repair question, they can call our 24 hour HOT LINE and get expert assistance on the proper alloy and welding procedure for the application. Extensive training seminars are also available to our customers.

Inweld Canada Shares World Technology

Inweld Canada conducts an ongoing Research and Development Program to create new welding alloys, and frequently receives requests from customers to develop special alloys to solve particular M & R problems.

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